April 8th might be the start of the end








For the last time, I am NOT Donal Logue!

You mean International Romani Day? Or the National Draw A Bird Day?

I'll tell you, ladies and gents, NOTHING is more calming than watching birds in Central Park. I can't - I can't begin to tell you how therapeutic it is, going out there with a hot cup of matza ball soup, a bagel with lox in one hand, your dreidel in the other, and the Lord's Prayer in your headphones! Heaven on Earth!

Almost reminds me of that one wonderful night I was taking pictures of scaffolding in Times Square! This very polite, colored shemale walked into our picture and proceeded to apologize, I said to her "Whaddya backing off for? This is your show, too!" and she posed for pictures with my ninth wife and I for a good ten minutes! That's the cultural melting pot of New York right there, America!

Diana in Brooklyn, you have a story involving a wooden door, go ahead!