Abe Vigoda HATE thread


I played handball with a couple, sure. And yeah, we'd talk and stuff but I wouldn't say I consulted them. In the locker room after, they never showered but they'd stick around just to cross their arms and shake their heads while staring at my foreskin.
Carol Fuchs regularly consulted three niggers in a Manhattan sex club. I was there.


Reginald VelPenis
Carol Fuchs regularly consulted three niggers in a Manhattan private club. I was there.
HEY! TOO FAR!! TOO FUCKING FAR!! My daughter is an angel. Despite being the most gorgeous girl in town, she NEVER ONCE brought a boy home. You'd think I'd have to beat them off with a stick or my slickened hands to keep them away from her, but they knew she was more interested in her grades (which weren't great, honestly. but that's okay, neither were mine!) than gallavanting and cavorting with boys. ESPECIALLY niggers. She hates those.


Reginald VelPenis
This thread has been very damaging to my self image. I don't know I did this.

I kinda figured everyone would be like "how could anyone hate beloved pop culture icon and legend of the stage and screen, Abe Vigoda?" And "We love you, Abe!" But now I see how it is. Now... Now everything's different. I'm gonna lay my FUCKING HEAD ON THE FUCKING TRAIN TRACKS

A House Nigger

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You’re still a cool dude in my book, Mr Vigoda. Please accept this artwork as a sign of respect