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October News

10/30 I'm moving the css files to local storage. This will most definitely break things.

10/28 I'm messing with avatar storage and caching so they will look weird for a bit.

Update: I had to shut down the forums for a bit because updates were happening. I had to move the avatar storage back to the database, due to some bug in vbulletin I found. I'm going to stop messing with it for now. This was supposed to help the shitty loading on mobile, but i'll look for another solution. A few people may have to reupload their avatars, some of the newer uploads.

Update2: I'm adding a new section to the forums. It will be archived, so no posting, but I'm moving the stickied threads there that don't get posted to anymore.

10/23 I tried for a while, but I still can't get the native video button to work to embed videos. I did fix the youtube specific button so it shouldn't look all fucked up on mobile. I've also added a button called "UNREAD POSTS" which you can see the posts you havn't read yet.

I've added a new random sidebar image

10/22 I've set up a few things to help with some of the UI load times. The server load time is going to be slow for a while. That's a long project of tuning shit. For the UI you may see the page look odd while it loads. This will be seen mostly on mobile. It will help a lot with "first meaningful paint" times, which means you will see something much quicker at first while it loads.

update: I made a few more changes to the db and how I store files. It "should" speed things up. I can check the analytics tomorrow and see if the average

times are down. 10/20 The forums were down for a bit due to unusual traffic. You're going to have to deal with the captcha again for now.

10/17. I've added a streamable embed.

September News

9/24 password reset might work now. I tested it once, so that's good enough for me. Fyi to that person trying to hack the site, the email server is set up through a relay service so that should save you some time figuring it out.

9/22 i patched the forum to avoid some of the exploits being tried. If things are fucked up (more than normal) this is why. I set up to avoid future confusion.

9/21 to the guy trying to run the exploit, that won't work on this system. The other hack you did worked since this system was vulnerable. That one is a waste of time. You can probably just send me a couple bucks and I'll take down the forums for a day or something instead of all this effort. Check the CVE next time for the affected versions.

9/18 Some sort of attack was happening so I enabled the captcha back again. I don't have time to look into it until later. Update: it was a DDos, but my setup here is so shitty it just brought everything down instead of making it slow or unstable.

9/9 Bots are back again. I'm putting up a javascript page to slow them down until I can find where they are coming from.

9/8 I'm aware there are intermittent 521 errors. Probably cloudflare related again. I can't do much at the moment. If you're totally down call me a fag on

9/4 We were down for a bit due to a cloudflare outage. The issue seems to be resolved.

August News

8/31 - and are down (now using the same host), I submitted a ticket to the host, I can only wait at this point. Update: should be fixed

8/25- Registration is back open. I'm also pruning old users who haven't logged in in a long time and never posted.

8/24 - the migration to the new host is 99% complete for Reminder that I've archived the original sub and many of the transition subs. The navigation is difficult, if anyone has any ideas of existing architectures to index something like this let me know.

08/17 - Searching seems fucked due to the restore I did yesterday. I'm looking into rebuilding the index. I've also disabled new registrations for now.

Update: searching should be fixed. The indexing finished.

08/16 - We were hacked due to a recently uncovered vbulletin exploit. I will be posting a thread with what I know so far. You should reset your passwords.

08/05 - I'm working on consolidating the hosting for and One or both of the sites may be down in the coming days as I shift around domains and hosting.

July News

07/17 - Our DNS Provider and CDN cloudflare is having issues today

07/10 - Child Spit Studios has a new release

June News

06/18 - Reminder that sober "comic" Jim Norton raped a drunk and passed out young girl at the XM studios. is down. I'm checking with the provider.

May News

05/27 - Our hosting provider is having network issues. Forums may be down again.

05/26 I don't think enough people saw this, go play it stupid.

05/22 Joevine is live !!!

05/19 Our favorite Lol cow is back and grazing the old reddit pastures

05/03 Mysql logs went crazy and filled up the server. I will look into how to prevent this again in the future.

April News

04/30 is down right now, I opened a ticket with the hosting provider. I was planning on migrating the archives over to the same provider that I use for anyway and this might be the push needed.

04/24 UPDATE: The forums are merged and some of the last reads are back. I'm still doing some cleanup from this.

I figured out how to combine the forums and keep the last read function. I'm doing this live without shutting down the forums and without really testing or backing things up, because when I fuck up I will blame you guys like Keith does. This involves direct db queries so the chance is like 100% something gets messed up.

04/22 Another childspit release

04/15 Looks like the bots are back to browsing again. That's why the guests are high again. I'll take a look at it.

04/02 Childspit studios has done it again. A new release here:

March News

03/16 I'm merging some of the forums, you will see older threads disappear.

Update: I ran into a bug with this in the forum code, and i'm moving things back for now. Some of the older threads in the radio forum now lost their "last read" function. I'm going to see if I can figure out where in the database this is stored, but it may not be possible.

03/02 - Childspit studios has released an official game EXCLUSIVE to the forums.

There is also a walkthrough here:

Mirrored here:

February News

02/26 - I'm working on setting up a dedicated ip for to reduce the issues we've have. Not sure why, but for now, it is now redirecting to some weird asian porn site, you're welcome.

UPDATE: It totally wasn't my fault (TM keith maresca LLC), if you care about the dumb technical reasons I posted in:

02/15 - and opieandanthonyarchives may be up and down for a bit, i'm working on a few things.

02/15 - I've added back the registration question to stop the bots from posting.

02/12 - A lot of the bots have been cleaned up. They may be back again, but now I have better logging to deal with them more quickly. I tried to double check, but I may have accidentally blocked tor and vpn ips, so if you are getting blocked from either that is why...but if you can read this then it doesn't matter anyway... The guests browsing has decreased from ~700 (with a high in the 1000s) down to 100 or so. Those 100 are mostly web crawlers and seo bots.

02/07 - I am testing out the javascript captcha functionality of our cdn. You may see a loading page for 5 seconds (or a captcha challenge). I am looking to see if this reduces the bots that are browsing the forum. I will be blacklisting ips as well, though this is usually not all that affective. Post in the tech thread if you have questions or to help me as I am probably making things worse:

02/06 - The forums were down due to a technical issue. I was, ironically, trying to make some improvements. There were a few causes and I'm not sure of the main root cause exactly. One of the issues was identified, but these things may happen occasionally. I assure you the dev team is on it and a new app will be released soon.

02/02 - I removed the wildcard redirects from I set up a new homepage that some of you may enjoy. will still redirect here, but you can go to the old forums at the php address if you want to for some reason. I fucked up and used a 301 instead of a 302 which means your browser probably cached the redirect. Delete the cache and fuck your team is on it.

January News

01/27 - I've added the "weird news" page for old news.

01/23 - our favorite transitioning documentarian has released part 1 (of ?) of a lady di documentree

01/18 - Something weird is going on with the timestamps and last read feature. Deal with it for now, or don't.

01/18- New banner courtesy of stentfeznor

01/15- Since you dummies keep asking click the "Remember me" button to keep from getting logged out every 15 minutes

01/14- I updated the captcha to the newer version and removed the question. We will see if our friends come back to offer discount antibiotics.