WWAWD Blackstar?

Sue Lightning

Whenever I'm feeling sad and blue I watch a video of Mos Def being tortured and it makes me feel better.

You could shoot a whole Christmas ham up my nose and I'm not gonna cry about it. Fuckin' faker.

Fucking phony faggot. I had to be forcefed like this for a hospital procedure. A tube was stuck down my nose, through my throat and into my stomach that pumped food in there. It was extremely uncomfortable to put in, keep in, and take out. I was 9 and I didn’t cry and scream like this retard here.

I mean if I had to get it done every day I would probably be begging them to stop but still. Grow a pair faggot.

Stlaker Child

Black men do NOT fart in my wife's vagina, child

A little overrated to be perfectly hawnest witcha. Kinda catchy at about the 4-5 minute mark, but a little overblown and self indulgent if ya wanna know da truth.