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Why Brother Joe doesn't make original music?


Foot soldier of the Dutch East India Company
Guy has the required equipment, his prized chinese guitars and all the time in the world but has only come up with OH DARA.

I hate to say this but he is not a bad guitar player and his singing voice is meh. he can make original songs all on his own.

How is doesn't get bored playing layla and In the air tonight over and over again is beyond me?


Ha Ha Ha Holeee Shit!

I’m so sorry, Paul.
Not talented enough. He's a perfectly acceptable mimic, capable of memorizing the guitar parts of popular songs, but that's the limit of his musical abilities. It's like painting by the numbers, when the painting is finished it might be an acceptable copy of the original, but it didn't require any genuine artistic talent.
He’s the MM Shill of music.
Playing an instrument proficiently is the least impressive thing I can think of, as it's just about practicing your muscle memory. Anyone can do it (no pun intended).

Writing good music is a completely different thing. It requires you to have something to say, which very few people have. Joe can't write music for the same reason he hasn't made an original political statement in his entire life.
He had original tracks on Soundcloud at one point, but I can't find them now. Not sure if I can take credit for this, but after I made fun of his awful cover song names ("Guitecstasy of Gold", "Guitarthur Park", "A Guitaste of Honey", etc.) to him on the old sub, I noticed his CDBaby page disappeared shortly after. When I tried to search for the tracks, I only found this video where they used him for the soundtrack:

The east coast really is populated by complete mongoloids.


Southeast Asian Sex Tour 2023
See the problem with that, sweetie, is that he already told you he makes original music. You just didn't lisTen.