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(this is going great!) #GenCon2022


I'm hollerin 1.7 with my dick in your mouth, Pig




Harry Kilmer

I am regularly referred to as Fatrick on the Site
Fucking ribs. These retards really don’t understand how easy it is to doxx someone. Don’t use the same username anywhere near your actually name you fucking gay faggots. I’m not actually Joe Cumia believe it or not.
Maybe that’s true, but this is clearly a member of their own staff (who belongs to Kiwifarms) and not a brotherman. They really need to figure out who the fawkin’ problem is on their team. Shameful.


The Lizard King
wow can't believe a staff member would do such a thing smh

also lol at "all on marginalized groups" nigga 99% OF CON ATTENDEES ARE FREAKS OF NATURE VICTIMHOOD-GRIFTING ON THEIR BIO if it's not tranny it's autism or cripple or negro

I haven’t seen a single person associated to these things who I would class as “basically normal”

I wouldn’t want to have a beer with a single one of these freaks. I wouldn’t let any of them any where near children, also. Not hyperbole.