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The Assistant


I can't believe it's not butter
Gonna guess that Dr Zaius has been buttfucking bill since before his balls dropped. He is utterly broken.
Bill's just having a great time, and you hate that


This is Bill
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Everyone say "hi Bill!"

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Bill went to Temple, or at least, owns a Temple t-shirt and appears to be Mr Delany's personal assistant. What's striking about Bill is despite being being in dozens of Mr Delany's twitter posts, he's always completely devoid of expression and emotion. Let's take a look into a day at work for Bill...

Hey Bill, working hard or hardly working???
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Lol, just joshing ya! Bill works very hard. He's ALWAYS on the computer performing important tasks. He even keeps a personal coffee mug with his name on it that he drinks from to keep up with Mr Delany and his spry partner, Dennis (The Big Guy)
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Sometimes Bill escorts Mr Delany to the clinic to make sure he's healthy

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Bill also helps sort Mr Delany's pills
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Another job Bill does is fetch lunch for everyoneView attachment 101675

Mmmmmm... Looks good! Even when Bill is eating, he's ALL business
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Now time for a well deserved break
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Well, that's it for the day. Everyone say "bye Bill"
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What mutated human beings. There’s just something so unclean about people that look like this.