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Pat will now have to follow his toilet

Turk February

It's me, Fezzie
In order to make sure misguided strangers can confuse him for a victim


Breakfast Corn
LOL, all of pats tweets will end up lost in a sea of unimportant people that dont get that blue check. By pat protesting the check he ruins his whole goal to be heard on his platform. Its a tough on man.

Either buy a blue check so he can use twitter to its fullest : Elon wins or Not buy a check and all your posts get dumped into the cesspool making extremely hard to go viral. : Elon wins.
"Welp, looks like I've had to pay for verification. I never said I wouldn't pay for the checkmark, I only said I'd do whatever I can to fight facism by /1

Reaching the most people possible. Because this here bird site is run by a tiny cocked bond villan the only way to bring this site down is to make my voice heard above the trolls and racists which Elmo stupidly welcomed back to the site"

"No I am not a hypocrite, you are not my toilet, you are going to prison."