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Pat gets a second wind from a high dose of Trump


Proud member of the 5 sink club
Lol, the right doesn’t have the balls. They talk endless shit about guns and fighting back and overthrowing tyranny and then they do absolutely nothing.

I don’t know if the election was stolen or not, I really don’t. There is some solid evidence that it might’ve been, and there’s a lot of bullshit. So I don’t have a clue.

But what’s important here is that THEY think it was. They also think that children are being killed by vaccines, that may be true or not, they think that COVID-19 was released on purpose, that might be true or not, they watched as their own churches were shuttered and their businesses were closed down. And what did they do about all of this? That’s right. Talk more shit.

“Wait till those rioters come to my town!”

Funny enough, those riots must not have happened in any cities or towns where there were any Republicans! What a coincidence!

The right has no leadership, even if you like Trump you have to admit he failed miserably to fulfill all of his promises, and his most hard-core supporters are cultists who will absolutely stay home if DeSantis gets the nomination but then still complain when a Democrat wins. The way Trump supporters beat the living shit out of DeSantis on a daily basis is hilarious. I don’t know if I like him or not, but Florida sure does. And he actually does the things he says he’s going to do. And pointing that out drives the Trump cultists crazy.

How’s that wall, boys? Is that swamp nice and drained? Where is that pardon for the people who only showed up in DC because Trump told them to? How was that response to nationwide riots? How about the response to governors who locked people in their homes, locked them out of their schools and businesses and churches, and kick people off of beaches and out of playgrounds at gunpoint? Who was in office when that happened, when governors got power crazy with absolutely no check whatsoever?

The right is dead. They have nothing. All they do is lose. They sure as fuck don’t have the balls for a Civil War. Otherwise they would’ve done it already. What else needs to happen? A stolen election? An entire generation of children messed up forever over a cough?
How could they even have a war? It’s not the 1700s where people join the military and serve where they live. There’s no Alabama army that can fight for the south.


Shane Noakes' rabbi raped his 9 year old dick off.
How could they even have a war? It’s not the 1700s where people join the military and serve where they live. There’s no Alabama army that can fight for the south.
What's there to fight for, paying taxes to breed violent niggers?

Jews won, time to leave this hellhole.