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Of course Pat was a ritalin kid


Got more sinks than sense
Didn't you once mention a violent, domineering father?
Maybe more nature and nurture than juvenile head trauma and pharmaceuticals?
Nah I have great parents. We got into two straight up fist fights when I was older and being a psychotic fag but outside of that my dad never hit me. Me getting in trouble with my dad usually meant getting a 3 hour lecture on how I fucked up in the garage until I cried. My mom would call me and my friends cocksuckers and pussies and threaten to punch us out when she was super pissed but then she'd make us all food and act like she didn't just flip out.


My rapist won’t return my calls anymore #metoo
There’s probably a very very short list (if anyone at all) of people who can ski backwards on one ski down a black diamond and Pat isn’t one of them. I snowboarded almost daily for years and I never once saw anyone on just one ski.