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Obscura: True Crime Podcast is doing an episode on SFWA’s pedophilia - Paul Weimar mentioned


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Patrick feels so insecure that Justin is a podcaster. He copes with this by becoming Hostile Interviewer Pat, who I don't recall seeing with anyone else. You aren't the host here Justin! I am! Answer the question! See that studio audience, Justin? They showed up to see ME!

Like Pat if you want to host an internet show that bad, do it. You know Dan savors the authority to kick a guest off NPS whenever he feels like it. If he can figure it out, you can.

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The clip was good, but I didn't like Justin's "I've done some research and found some documents" shit about the police report. Reading a tweet doesn't count as research, faggot

Justin said he verified the authenticity of the documents with the Portage PD. That would qualify as research or at the very least verification of his source.


It's a funny name.
Hold on Hold on Hold on.

As far as I know Justins podcast has only focused on the SFWA and Moria at the moment. Why is pat claiming that justin has done an episode on him?

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Didn't the guy already say he validated the authenticity of the report with the Portage police? I guess Rick is trying to discredit him by saying he got the report from "criminals". I know that's a logical fallacy but I can't remember which one.