Now the mulching is a cyberstalker operation


I told them to back off bcuz it wasnt their show
u guys would know better than me, is that pile really 6 cubic yards?

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if yes, obviously he ordered it himself, otherwise Mr. D- in Math would've came up with something extremely off. 6 looks accurate enough

wait nevermind that mulch would fit in the dumpsters near his house, not these 6ft ones.
The Pig is lying!
This is 6 yards:
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"Now put ice skates on dat bich." Peppermint
delete any incriminating evidence on your phone but forget that the other guy probably still has his and then expect the judge will just take your word for it because you're Patrick S. Tomlinson - the most special and rightest person in the world.
More proof of Pat Sambo Tomlinson being a racist bigot. This fat faggot with bitch tits was hoping BDN wouldn't show so he could cry to the judge. Facts Pat even filed Andrew Naldolski's race as "black," nice ally Pig.

SFWA liaison

Heidi Hildeman customer
crazy how he has been claiming incidents of hacking, doxing, showing up at his house, DDoS attacks, etc etc etc since at least 2011

but now everything is the fault of OnA people that became aware of him in 2018? what ever happened to his previous atalkers? they vanished?