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No Bacon, Egg & Cheese on a Roll MEGATHREAD




that looks good but the bacon looks like that pre-cooked stuff which fawking sucks. if you're going to eat bacon you should fry it yoursellf. keto bagels are delicous. i buy keto white bread and it's awesome for making patty melts!



Broccoli omelet sounds fawkin gross. If you're going to have bacon with it anyways just go ahead and cook it into the omelet to make it a little less disgusting and then just fold that piece of shit and put it between the bagel like a sandwich. You're really gonna sit there like a dipshit eat that with a fork?
brocoli and cauliflower are big in the keto community. i saw a recipe that said to add roasted cauliflower to your keto bacon, egg and cheese bowls! I'm not all in with the cauliflower yet but my chick makes cauliflower pizza dough that is great!
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