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Nana’s Holocaust

People like Nana simultaneously pander to idiot racists who believe their horseshit and simultaneously do everything they can to distance themselves from those people.

People think you’re a racist because you laugh at stories of black children dying tragically, not because you’re quoting crime statistics you dumb wop. People think you’re an out-of-touch boomer because you think there’s a holocaust against white people because Fox News told you there was.

Edit: say ‘simultaneously’ again, stupid.

Slackjawed Cow

I laugh at them because they're all the same.
If Ant didnt complain about his heart then he wouldnt still be exposed to the blacks. This was his choice. To live a few more years so he can be racist on twitter.
I can't believe I'm siding with Bill Burr on something but is Anthony truly surprised Bill wants nothing to do with him? Bill's arguably at the peak of his career right now, what benefit would there be to still talking to a has-been humorless spiteful racist? He's acting like Bill "owes" him when the show hasn't even been on for 10 years.

I fucking hate Bill's phoniness and his style of comedy was never something I liked even before all this, but Anthony genuinely seems baffled that a guy who's hit the mainstream doesn't want to be around Mr. F/Ns.
Nana. You are considered a racist because your “solution” to these problems is KILL ALL NIGGERS.

You just “pointing out” black crime doesn’t make you a racist. ITS THE FUCKING NEXT STEP AFTER THAT THAT YOURE PROPOSING
But no, Patrice would still be such good friends with him if he were still alive. They would totally agree on everything and tell it like it is!