Murderer Alec Baldwin trial megathread


❤️bonnie bonnie bonnie❤️
Can't lie. He's such a smug fucking prick I want him to go to prison for a lil bit due to his retarded negligence. Not necessarily entirely his fault but he can still get fucked.
It’s like 99% his fault. He can get fucked. I hope he goes to prison and gets sued for everything that he’s worth. He’s such a smug asshole.

Rick Roblinson

What's confusing you???????? Yeah he pointed the gun towards her and pulled the trigger like a stupid dipshit, but how was he to know an even bigger stupid dipshit had put actual bullets in there? As far as he was aware it was a "prop" gun. So not entirely his fault. I still want him to go to prison because I think he's a Pat level snarky smug asshole and I would loff.

Uncle J’s Sink Emporium

Enjoy prison, Y’munkoke
Kevin Costner didn't kill anybody but he also threw it all away for some 3/10 western movie recently. Something about westerns are making our elderly fagtors fall on their sword.
He’s done that about 5 times now. Who the fuck keeps giving him money expecting something different?

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