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Local retard wants to send us to prison for making fun of him on OnAForums


Protonmail doesn't store plaintext phone numbers for verification. It's a one way hash. Now , they got busted in the past for keeping logs they were not supposed to have so it is possible, but logs are not pii so that's a whole different thing to keep in plaintext.

If this data is saved permanently, it is always saved as a cryptographic hash, which ensures that the raw values cannot be deciphered by us.

We don’t save CAPTCHA results. If you are presented with email or SMS verification, we only save a cryptographic hash of your email or phone number which is not permanently associated with the account that you create. Because hash functions are one-way functions, it is impossible to derive your phone number or email from that hash. However, using the same phone number will result in obtaining the same cryptographic hash. So by comparing hashes, we can detect if phone numbers or email addresses are reused for human verification.

they could be loiyiing , so take that as you will.


nobody's civil anymore