Jordan peterson is gonna be back on Benzos soon.

Racist Google Intern

Please watch the Itchy and Scratchy Friends Hour!
He has been responding to a lot of AF/Groyper trolling, I feel bad for him. I still laughed at this though.

While I am at it, here are a bunch of weird tweets from this guy, his brain must've been fried after that weird surgery.





medium wyzzz

Dog Eater

Apartheid is cool.
I remember after the Channel 4 interview came out all the fatherless fucks at work became enamoured with him and kept recommending him to me. So I look up his youtube and find his 4 hour lectures on the philosophy of the old testament and his $4000 rugs for sale in a gay shape that represents some dumb shit and was like this guy is a FAGGOT. He’s always been a faggot nothing changed.
Such a fragile guy was never built for fame

He handled it incredibly well for the first year or two. Most people admired him for his stoicism in the face of so much criticism if nothing else, especially after the Cathy Newman interview.

He's fully lost the plot now though. I don't even know what the context of him shaking his fist at the Sesame Street tweets is about, that's not to mention the breaking down in tears in every fucking interview he does. I can understand him getting angry at stuff directed at his grandkids but why the fuck is he allowing himself to be exposed to that in the first place? Just get off Twitter, idiot. It's Patrick levels of retarded to stay on there in his position.