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Joe’s latest concert extravaganza inspired by Owen A

Salted Earth Truffle

Patrick S. Tomlinson is owned by Elon Musk
Via @Zeroman: https://brother-joe-entertainment.ticketleap.com/solojoeandfriends/dates/Apr-22-2023_at_0800PM

This is a direct response to all the comments here about how Joe has no longtime friends in the business who will hook him up with gigs or help him out.


Salted Earth Truffle

Patrick S. Tomlinson is owned by Elon Musk
Is he dying?
Every other Wednesday on stage at TGI Friday’s he sure is!

Joe seems to be hustling his ass off to book as many gigs as he can, regardless of the venue (“high end sit-down dinner” in a fast casual sandwich shop lol). He might even have enough cash by December to pay current winter’s energy bills. But don’t bet on that or anything.