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I’m not even gonna phrase it like a question. Sam has never said anything funny in his miserable life.


I'm the problem, it's me.
I have a hate for sam I can explain. I enjoy what a lot of people hate about him. For example back in da day his instigating and shit was funny to me. fucking with bobo was always a hoot. fucking with erock was awesome. i could never stand his after show. once jim and sam started i listened for a few weeks, it's a fucking snooze fest. who cars what these two man children think about pop culture. took a few years off. started back up in the pandemic because my personal life was hell and old oanda werent doing it. it was okay at best. i enjoyed the troy and tefft drama. hot dogs dad is a funny listen though. but sam stopped fucking with people and he became opie. hes a lot more self aware, playing the heel to the people who truly hate him. not because it's his job to be hated but people hate sam because he is sam. a quarter flipping twirp.

i feel all of this hate flow through me just to remember that sam took HGH.

what a queer.
Sam is absolutely devoid of any charm or value, he's the perfect on-air partner for Jim for that reason. Him pissing off Paulie by laughing at all of Scorch's awful bits was fucking hilarious.

The Talking Dead

I'm close to death! Hahahaha hooooooly shit!!
I think the only time Sam ever made me laugh was that time when people were fucking with Ian Halperin’s Wikipedia page making it say stuff like “doctors discovered so much jizz in his stomach, it had to be surgically pumped”.

Can’t really give him credit for that though since he was just reading out the funny shit other people came up with.


Which way?! Medium or well done?
For a period at the end of the bbbboys days at Sirius, my 30 minute commute lined up exactly with Sam's pre-show and it was fucking ENRAAAAAAAAAAGING.

Remembering how pissed off I would get every morning is now kind of funny in retrospect, so I think that counts. On a separate note, the two hosts deciding to just do less radio and give sam a huge chunk of their broadcasting window makes it hard to have any sympathy for them losing their gigs.
For a period at the end of the bbbboys days at Sirius, my 30 minute commute lined up exactly with Sam's pre-show and it was fucking ENRAAAAAAAAAAGING.
I had the exact same issue. Sam is so boring he just forgettable

Sam's broadcasting is bedrocked in this 2000-2006 sarcastic "I'm too cool" for comedy that he has *never* moved on from. It sort of made sense when he was young and punching down on obese erock & freak interns, because outside of that he has the charm & appeal of gray wall at the DMV.

Now that he's been exposed as a living Australopithecus Afafrensis, he really should be in a museum for further study into our shared past.
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