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I’m going to run for president in 2028; you hear it here first!!!

Day one when I win:

End welfare.

Open a special investigation; has to be completed within one year about the legitimacy of “6 million”.

No more gays in America.

Spics that crossed the border can be hunted ; must determine hunting season dates.

Michael Jackson’s good name will be restored!

No voting rights for women

All blacks will be put on probation for one year minimum

… more to cum!

Dog Eater

Apartheid is cool.
Michael Jackson’s good name will be restored!
I disagree with this policy but I’m willing to overlook it based on the strengths of your other promises.

must determine hunting season dates
Honestly it’s not the dates that matter what you need is a bag limit so everyone gets a chance. Probably run a season for a year and just make a bag limit of 2 per season.