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Howard Stern 911 broadcast...this scarecrow wanted my ppl nuked


My rapist won’t return my calls anymore #metoo
He doesn't want a legacy other than word of mouth from other celebrities talking good about him. The content he made was useful to him at that moment. Right now he sees them as valueless, at times even a liability.
Well it’s definitely a liability. On Stern’s show Trump said he didn’t want his daughter to date a black guy and that never came up in the media. I genuinely think he’s irrelevant at this point. His only audience left is people who have been listening for 30 years and just don’t want to break the habit like Big Jay and my old boss. Them and edgy soccer moms.
We didn't know yet that it was the Jews so this was a common sentiment at the time. Even more common was the "religion of peace" stuff. Still, it did sound like he was reading off a script when he was saying Israel needs to destroy Palestine. And perhaps he was.
That 6 hour mark caller...the one who said Palestinians are dancing in the streets. For sure he was reading a script (a Mossad script).