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Fix that fukkin' fence

Pringle Can Lothario

Sir...don't do that!


Stand Alone Fruit
The fact that he didn’t get a permit and it was done incorrectly makes me think he actually did do the work himself this time.
I bet they paid someone freelance to do it on the weekend for cheap. A real company would know it’s not up to code but they were too expensive. That or Niki did it, she seems to be the man of the two.

Pringle Can Lothario

Sir...don't do that!
The Milwaukee Assessor's office links to all violations and shit.
View attachment 43005
Anyone know what happens if he doesn'T comply?
Lard ass is subject to fines.

The fee is $177.80 for the first reinspection, $355.60 for the second and all subsequent reinspections. These fees include a 1.6% training and technology surcharge. Reinspection fees shall be a lien upon the real estate where the reinspections were made and shall be assessed and collected as a special tax.

Failure to correct the violations noted herein within the time set, or failure to comply with the order as modified by an appellant board and maintain compliance, may subject you to prosecution and to daily penalties of $150.00 to $10,000 in the manner provided in Section 200-19.

Also, any infraction of this order may result in a citation under Section 200-12-5 of the Milwaukee Code of Ordinances Volume II.