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Felony Boating and Felony Skiing by the big man; arrests imminent

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Status: Enjoying Prison! 😄
Found these posted to r/LuxuryVacationsForOmanis on reddit.com by user u/SaltedEarthTruffle. The reddit OP (u/SaltedEarthTruffle) posted a comment in the reddit thread that all of these had to be texted 2-3 times each with slightly tweaked wording and antagonizing to elicit anything other than typical paste in response, something that Rick guy has been very partial to lately.










nice yesr, stupid. Dumb faggot I don't like him
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Prison Enjoyer

Status: Enjoying Prison! 😄
I wasn't gonna post these originally as they're just his pastes but I should add that the above exchanges were preceded today by felony monke noises, posted to r/monke on reddit.com by reddit user u/felonyhowlering



* doesn't have it anymore, redditor fucked it up with 1.2 fingers, not that it mattered

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Status: Enjoying Prison! 😄
it's "fraud" to spend "illegally obtained" money?

who's being defrauded?

bitch tits makes no sense

I believe he thinks (as a cope) that every penny paid to Quasi doesn't go to him, but to his lawyers to cover legal expenses, when in reality Quasi already paid his lawyers ("quasi's already out his money, child") and the judgements are just recouping that money he already spent. The money goes to him.

The interest is the icing on the cake, and Patrick is the one to thank for that for shlubbing around for 2 yrs.

But this is Pig were talking about so the actual reason he claims it's fraud/illegal is likely much, much stupider.