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Bobo isn't retarded, he's playing a character. Clip of Bobo from before the character was fine-tuned.

I'm all in with the fawkin' bit but iirc Ben Dovid blew up da bit and said da show encouraged to ask Mr Kurlan to behave more retarded than he really was.
And we all know Dovid would never lie.

I don’t think Bobo is smart enough to be “more retarded” without giving it away. He’s not that subtle.

He’d have to be pretty damn with it to fake that bit with the fugitive voice and dropping his character when the dog yelped. That’s genius level if he was faking that.

Still, wouldn’t shock me the more we learn about the show that was above all else….. REAL.


I was blocked!!!!!! Alright


Torque & Rooster

Why would anybody believe what that sack of shit has to say? He was probably trying to cover his own has because he publically tortured a retard.
Dovid also claimed that pretty much all of Bobo's lines were written by him and Sam. While that was a recurring bit, it's pretty obvious when Bobo was reading off a script and when he wasn't. The majority of the time he was just being his dummy self.

It all reeks of Danny retroactively trying to pump up his own importance on da show while knocking everyone else down.