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Actual funny things PATRICK did?


Mohammed was a fat incel faggot

Having his best picture be his mugshot is a pretty good bit.


Crumbly feta is not God's Plan
Just his existence is hilarious. I mean, think of what he does every day between prisoning people, rifling through week old tweets of funsters, his usual shit talking to normies, texting rascals, waking up from drunken slumber to rage tweet, all while larping as an expert at everything who isnt dumb, stupid, and fat. Even God laughs.

Sue Lightning

taking a bite out of his USS Enterprise model was pretty funny

speaking of it seems like he even gave up on building toy models
Quick, someone please pull up the picture of that sweaty hog playing with Toy Dinos while his ugly frump “wife” looks on in disgust, mind blank wondering how her life turned out like this.